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What started as the Steve and Mike Acoustic Project (the[sma]project) has expanded to Mike pairing up with some of New Jersey’s top musicians including Mike McKernan (the[mma]project) and Vincent Bergamo (the[vma]project). All of us have been playing music going on about 30 years now.


From frat houses in college, to touring the four corners of the US, to jamming with various bands in NYC and down the Shore, we’ve played just about every type of rock, r&b, and pop tune imaginable. And our sound is right for any event or venue. We can play quietly during cocktails and meals, or turn it up when the party gets rocking.


We take our eclectic musical repertoire and versatile style and bring it all down to its basics, creating arrangements that keep it warm, organic and real.


2 instruments. 2 voices. Good times.

  • Facebook: whatstheproject
  • YouTube: the[xma]project

Download PDF of Complete Songlist.


SMA Sizzle 
(Live Compilation)​
Somebody's Baby 
(Live at MJM Studios)
Space Oddity 
(Live at Eventide)
Fly Like an Eagle 
(Live at Beach Tavern)​
Message in a Bottle
(Live at MJM Studios)
Don't Let Me Down
(Live at MJM Studios)​
Dancing in the Dark
(Live at Fox Hollow)​
Every Little Thing...
(Live in Maplewood)​



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