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Mood Ring

Mood Ring is a collective of wonderfully talented musicians that all happen to live within a few blocks from eachother in Maplewood, NJ. Each member brings his or her unique background and skills to the band to write original music that strives to be truly original.


They are widely considered the area's premiere jam band, performing an eclectic blend of original and cover rock, blues and jazzy jamming music.


Whatever the mood, they jam it.

  • Facebook: Mood Ring Music
  • YouTube: Mood Ring

Download PDF of Complete Songlist.

Live in the Basement 1:
A collection of originals on CD
Live in the Basement 2:
A collection of originals on CD


"Fat Sullen People" at Maplewoodstock
"Do It Again" at Porchfest
"Media Lobotomy" from "Live in the Basement 2
"Let Me Up" from "Live in the Basement 2"
"Lovely Day" at Mayfest
"Brooklyn is Sinking" at Colts Neck Rockfest



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