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The Choice

The Choice got together in 1985, the Fall of freshman year at Middlebury College, and haven't stopped playing together since.

From the basement of Battell dormitory, to the frat houses every weekend, to "Twenty-four Hours" (an album of original music), to touring the U.S., to each other's weddings and college reunions, down the Shore and up the Cape, crowds can't help but get into their musical chemistry, their personal camaraderie and their ageless exhuberance.

Long live rock.

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  • YouTube: The Choice


(Live at Lobster Trap)​
I Will Follow 
(Live at The Wave)​
In My Place 
(Live at The Wave)​
Start Me Up
(Live at Middlebury College 25th Reunion)​
Boys of Summer 
(Live at Middlebury College, c.1988)​
New Sensation
(Live at Middlebury College, c.1988)​



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